June at Masonic Home for Pet Therapy

June at Masonic Home for Pet Therapy

Friday, March 15, 2013

June Makes AKC "Canine Partners" Newsletter!

June Makes AKC Canine Partners Newsletter 
for finishing CAA lure coursing title!

Coursing Ability

Woodacre's Soidog Mali CAA and Jackie Phillips of San Leandro, CA

In February 2012, Jackie adopted June from Thailand through a private rescue group called Soi Dog Foundation, which pulled her out of a government livestock compound. She was placed after being confiscated from smugglers trying to get her and 350 other dogs across the border into Vietnam. Since arriving home and resting, June has excelled at lure coursing, sprint racing, weight pull, and a new sport called Barn Hunt. "June thinks that the whole world is wonderful, and everybody is her next best buddy," Jackie said. She finished her CAA on Dec. 29 at a test hosted by the Basenji Club of Northern California.